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Carhartt Family Wines 

Los Olivos, California

Following an intensive rebranding exercise the Carhartt Family Wines website had fallen out of sync with the brand and needed redesigning. The goal of this project was to reflect the new branding,  implement the Commerce7 e-platform and ensure the redesign captured the essence of who Carhartt Family Wines are. The Carhartt brand is rooted in history but the personality of the brand is progressive and centered around human connection and hard work. A key objective of the website is to provide a much improved experience for club members and support the sale of the wide range of wines that are produced each year.

The result is a distinctive and impactful website that accurately and loyally represents the brand and strong ethos around human connection and hard work. Navigating this website is effortless, customers are able to easily sign up for a club, purchase wine or arrange a visit, The layout is consistent and calls to action are prominent. The style and treatment of photography provides a cohesive feel to the website and helps convey the unique vibe of this award winning winery.


Website by Wine Works.

Carhartt Website
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