About Us

Small but Perfectly Formed!

our offices are based outside of Vancouver, Canada eh!

We are currently accepting projects and would love to speak with you.



Peter has 20 years of web site development experience primarily focused on design and UX development. Specializing in wine ecommerce, Peter was one of the 3 developers that built WineDirect, formerly Vin65, formerly eWinery, formerly a great idea in someone’s head! Peter is able to guide you through the business and technical decisions pertinent to your website development, in a language we all understand.

Fun fact: Peter grew-up in Jamaica. Although, laid back island life is a thing of the past now that he is our fearless leader.

One word to describe Peter: umm… he can’t be defined by one word! maybe Inquisitive or perhaps Exceptional, Creative, Innovative, Gregarious, Predictable, Unpredictable, Approachable, Curious


Project Manager

Ranj is who we go to for anything and everything. Nothing ever phases her, she is the master of solutions. Now that she is hanging up her project management boots she will be focused solely on working with new and existing clients to seek out exciting new opportunities.

Fun Fact(s): Ranj is British, those of you who have met her may have guessed. She makes an amazing ‘cuppa tea’ and will one day rule the world.

One word to describe Ranj: Outstanding


Project Manager

Fun Fact: Skylar is a certified pastry chef who enjoys making everything from viennoiseries to bread and homemade donuts in her spare time.



Shina is our dazzling designer. She has a background in marketing and graphic design and enjoys nothing more than experimenting with angles and dimensions, images and colours, fonts and fine detail. She draws inspiration from her extensive travels across Canada, US, Korea and Bangladesh. Her eye for detail and limitless creativity result in truly exceptional designs.

Fun Fact(s): Shina is a keen photographer, great cook and enjoys playing classical piano… WOW!

One word to describe Shina: A m a z i n g !


Front-End Development

Keith is our programmer extraordinaire, his code is as sharp as his wit, to the point with huge impact.

Fun fact: Keith volunteers for the largest not-for-profit dodgeball league in Canada, I’ve never heard of them but hey ho – turns out he’s pretty good and whether on the court or at work he never drops the ball!

One word to describe Keith: Incredible (like the Superheroes)


Front-End Development

Julian is a veteran Wine Works team member with phenomenal technical abilities. If you’re an existing client Julian has almost definitely been around your code, doing what he does best: fixing, updating and building his stunning creations.

Fun fact: Julian plays hockey, unfortunately not as well as he can code, but you didn’t hear that from me!

One word to describe Julian: Genius


Front-End Development

Fun fact: Kushal loves creating experiences in Virtual Reality and has created some really impressive tools to build 3D models in VR.

Why Wine Works?

We understand the technology!
Over 12 years of experience working on wine ecommerce platforms like WineDirect, Commerce7, and WordPress
We are tried and tested!
We have been involved in well over 400 wine ecommerce projects.
We do this well!
As a team we have thousands of hours invested in creating websites.